Coach Curtis Nelson with 2-3 grade wrestler Maddox MacLachlan and Gabriel Mesa.

Tehachapi Valley Wrestling Club competed Feb. 16 in the CVYWA Southern Valley Qualifier held in Wasco. Jake Brown continued his winning ways, earning the first-place trophy at 2-3 grade, 43-pound division. Drake Lightner was runner-up in the K-1, 43-pound class.

Others placing and moving on to CVYWA Masters will be: Gabriel Mesa 3 rd (2-3 grade-55 pounds) Maddox MacLachlan 4th (2-3 grade, 55 pounds) Owan Schneider 3rd (4-5 Grade, 58 pounds) Michael Brown 3rd (4-5 grade, 76 pounds) Marcus Coates 5th (K-1, 49 pounds) Kayden Gonzales 5th (4-5 grade, 82 pounds) Evan Lutgen 5th (middle school, 83 pounds) Phillip Coates 6th (K-1, 49 pounds) and Noe Mesa 7th (K-1, 49 pounds).

TVWC will starting its spring program March 3. For more information, contact Curtis Nelson 661-557-1366.

Curtis Nelson is head coach of TVWC.

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