There is some truth behind the old saying, “You don’t know what you have until it’s gone.” In what feels like a previous lifetime, we would take for granted the everyday normal or complain about the busyness of a full schedule. We would gripe when dinner was on the table at 9 p.m. after football practice or when we figured out the sour smell in the car is from the cleats left behind in the back seat.

Fast-forward to life after a lockdown, time missed from family, friends, work, school and sports. We find ourselves appreciating long hours at the practice field, tripping over helmets left by the front door, and canceling Saturday plans for nine weeks to watch what our athletes do what they love to do most.

Tehachapi Youth Football and Cheer is excited to announce its reemergence into the youth football scene in the 2021 season. Our athletes have not taken for granted a minute preparing for the upcoming games. We welcome all of Tehachapi, starting with our season opener at home Saturday, Sept. 4. Since 1977, the Tomahawks have been and will always be committed to the excellence of Mountain Football. Follow us on Facebook at Tehachapi Youth Football & Cheer. Go Tomahawks.

Jenifer Michael is a parent with Tehachapi Youth Football.