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Freshmen Tomahawks join in prayer before the start of their game.

As the sun rose, freshmen Tomahawks were on the road early for a out-of-conference game in Wasco. With the remaining three Tomahawk teams scheduled for a bye in the week, the young team went into solo competition 5-0 against the Wolverines of Bakersfield.

In an unexpected start to the game, the Wolverines capitalized on a long run, scoring first. Though the Tomahawk defense executed big hits and score-saving tackles, it wasn’t enough to stop the Wolverines from scoring 20 points. With pressure from Wolverine defense, Tehachapi’s offense struggled, unable to find their way into the end zone.

“Our speed and precision couldn’t hold on and we suffered our first loss of the season,” said head coach Danny Roach. “Although we were outscored, our boys and girl represented mountain football with integrity and honor.”

Tomahawks' 0-20 loss will set the tone to adjusting in the week, preparing for Tehachapi’s final regular season games, Saturday, Oct. 30, on their home field.

The Tomahawks host games to the Wildcatters of Taft, sophomores at noon, junior varsity at 2 p.m., varsity at 4 p.m. In an out-of-conference game, freshmen take on Sabers of Bakersfield at 10 a.m.

Jenn Michael is director of off-field operations.