The Gryphons 2004 Girls team was scheduled to travel to Santa Maria to face an undefeated team only to have the game get rescheduled due to field closures in Santa Maria. The Gryphons 2004 Girls team will play next weekend in Lancaster on Saturday and Sunday.

The Gryphons 2010 Girls team traveled to Santa Monica to play a top level Autobahn Soccer Club. The Gryphons girls held tough through the first half, narrowly missing the back of the net on four separate times in the first half. The half ended with neither team scoring a goal. The Gryphons girls started the second half flat and allowed two quick goals. Val Casas for the Gryphons scored to get the Gryphons on the board, but the game ended in a 4-1 loss. Coach Jaime Cookson stated, “Defense played great, the score truly doesn’t reflect the heart and effort they put forth. Elle, Emma, Audreyanna and Evie did a phenomenal job — Heather made countless saves, and Chloe never stopped working.”