Train enthusiasts, sometimes referred to as “railfans,” are known to be passionate about the history of the railroads, and that history in the Tehachapi area is particularly rich. But you don’t have to be a railfan to be curious and captivated by the stories — and a visit to the Tehachapi De…

The historic Downtown Tehachapi Walking Tour is in the heart of the community. It's easily walked with numerous restaurants, shops of all kinds and museums along the way.

Along the long journey from the Mexican border to Canada, the city of Tehachapi is a much-needed resting place on the Pacific Crest Trail.

Tehachapi has long been known for some of the best tree-ripened apples in the country. Depending on the variety and the challenges of the year, harvesting typically begins in late August and continues as late as November.

The mountainous region of Tehachapi is a wonderful place to host a wedding, family reunion or business retreat. Located in the beautiful Tehachapi Mountains, the city offers many hotels, restaurants and churches with scenic views and pleasant atmospheres and a number of venues are found in t…

Tehachapi is an ideal destination for everyone of all ages, offering affordable housing, low crime rates, clean air, favorable weather and a close-knit community to lean on. If you are interested in relocating to Tehachapi, the following resources may be helpful:

There are three main shopping districts in Tehachapi for your purchasing needs: Central Tehachapi, West Tehachapi and Old Town.

People searching for wildlife have no shortage of options in Tehachapi, as creatures ranging from cuddly to exotic can be found at numerous locations in the region.

Tehachapi has no shortage of restaurant options. Besides offering a variety of popular national brands, the area boasts independently owned eateries with atmospheres ranging from casual to fine dining. There are also wine bars, award-winning wineries and independent breweries offering a sele…

Private vehicles remain the most common method of transportation in Tehachapi. However, the town also provides two forms of public transportation, a taxi service, two rental car locations and access to ride-hailing services Uber and Lyft for those without a private ride.

Tehachapi was once a vast, spacious valley with tall, waving grasses, wild game and running streams. Magnificent oaks grew in profusion along with pine and fir. With the Tehachapi Mountains to the south and the tip end of the great Sierra Nevada range to the north, the valley was blessed wit…

When discussing the history of railroading in the Tehachapi area, there is little doubt that the star of the show for rail enthusiasts is California Historical Landmark No. 508, otherwise known as the Tehachapi Loop. Constructed between 1874 and 1876, this civil engineering landmark made up …

Tucked away at the foot of Three Peaks, a rock outcropping on the northern border of 116 acres along Woodford-Tehachapi Road, northeast of Highway 58, the Cesar E. Chavez National Monument is one of the Tehachapi area’s hidden gems.

Tehachapi provides plenty of options for all of your banking needs. Here are locations of branches and ATMs in town below.

The COVID-19 pandemic was hard on everyone. But coming out of the pandemic, things are looking UP in Tehachapi with a number of projects completed recently, under construction or on the drawing board of interest to visitors (and area residents).

In its early years, Tehachapi was a hub for a cattle ranching region and also saw huge herds of sheep moved through its pastures in the spring and early summer.

For more than a century, visitors to Tehachapi have stopped alongside Woodford-Tehachapi Road for a view of trains making their way around the famous Tehachapi Loop.

There’s always something fun to do in Tehachapi. Both tourists and residents will be greeted with consistent entertainment and attractions all year long. Some traditional events were stalled during the COVID-19 pandemic and may not have been rescheduled by the time of publication.