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Brite Creek Farm is part of a revitalized direct farm movement.

At Brite Creek Farm, we are raising our pastured beef, chicken, laying hens and organic vegetables to feed our family and yours. Our goal is for the farm to be sustainable! But what does sustainable mean? Well, for most businesses it means making a profit, and a farm is no different no matter how romantic we want it to be. In farming terms, it is used to describe a farm that is doing its best to promote the long-term health of its soils, crops and livestock through management practices that have an eye on the future. We are not only considering this year’s harvest but the harvests for years to come.

Brite Creek Farm is part of a revitalized direct farm movement intent on serving local and regional communities with amazing seasonal and year-round foods. But our effort is bigger than just providing local food options. It seeks to fix the disconnect between communities and their food highly influenced by “modern” farming practices, zoning laws and food policy.

We are committed to doing our part to change the narrative through sustainable farming practices, pasture-based protein production, caring animal husbandry, and focused effort on serving neighbors and customers. All our farm experiences, tours, dinners, events, volunteer opportunities and classes are intent on bringing the community closer to the farm, growing healthy foods and contributing to healthy communities.

This spring, we were busy planting crops, caring for animals, and planning events and volunteer and learning opportunities connecting you and your family with your local farm. Look forward to seeing you soon! Stay informed at Follow us on Facebook @britecreekfarm or Instagram @Brite_creek_farm.