At the time it was constructed, the Tehachapi Loop was considered an engineering marvel. Even now, it still draws visitors from around the world who want to see that famous landmark many simply call The Loop.

On the Tehachapi Loop, the track climbs up over itself in a spiral, starting from a tunnel at the base before working up to an elevation of 77 feet at a 2 percent grade over the loop’s .73 miles. A train longer than 4,000 feet will pass over itself as it goes up the loop and over that tunnel.

The loop is not only a favorite feature of Tehachapi locals and tourists, it’s also a California Historical Landmark, designated as such in 1955. It was also named a National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark in 1998 by the American Society of Civil Engineers.

Because of the many trains that use the track and the beautiful scenery surrounding it, the Tehachapi Loop is a must-see spot for train enthusiasts.

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