Winter, spring, summer or fall ... there's a good reason why Tehachapi is known as the Land of Four Seasons.

Indeed, the seasons often overlap. You may think spring has arrived, as daffodils rise from the soil, and all of a sudden, here comes a spring snowfall to blanket the mountains. Or the clouds might seem especially low for a springtime rainstorm.

But for those who travel from the deserts of east Kern or the valley of Bakersfield, Greater Tehachapi can offer fresh air and some beautiful mountain terrain. You'll almost always find a steady wind — and sometimes it turns downright blustery.

The elevation depends on where exactly you are in the region. Many use 4,000 feet for an average at the lower elevations, such as the location of Tehachapi Municipal Airport.

The National Weather Service says temperatures can easily range from the 20s on the coldest winter days to the high 80s on warm summer days.

The best advice? Check before you travel, consider some layers of clothing and be sure to have the right kind of coat or jacket at the ready.

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